Monday, December 17, 2012

National Call In Day - December 19th - Wednesday!

Join with Decarcerate PA for a statewide call-in day on December 19th to demand that Governor Corbett cancel all new prison construction in 2013!

2013 is fast approaching, and that means its time to make new years resolutions. Unfortunately, some of our elected (and appointed) officials could use a little help! That's why we are asking all of you to give Governor Corbett and Department of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel a call and remind them to add "NO NEW PRISONS" to their resolutions list.  Want to see how its done?  Check out the call-in day promo video (starring Corbett and Wetzel themselves!): 

Right now, Governor Corbett is just breaking ground on two new prisons in Montgomery County. If completed, these prisons will cost $400 million to build and will house 4,100 people. At the same time, the Philadelphia school district has just announced they will close 37 schools this year. Please call Governor Corbett and Secretary Wetzel at the numbers below and ask them to fund schools, not prisons! PA needs more classrooms and fewer prison cells.

Corbett's office - 717-787-2500
Wetzel's office - 717-728-4109

You can also tweet at @GovernorCorbett, or you can write to them at:

Governor Tom Corbett
Room 225
Main Capitol Building

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