Sunday, May 19, 2013

Route for Pittsburgh March for A People's Budget!

On Sunday, May 26, come join for all or part of Pittsburgh's March For a People's Budget, a 6 mile march across Pittsburgh to build momentum around passing a state budget prioritizing services and programs to increase the security, safety, and health of the people of our state - rather than spending millions on locking people up. Don't forget: the march will be followed by the Community Day BBQ, featuring free food, speakers, kids activities, and more opportunities to build community and oppose prison expansion in Pennsylvania.

March Itinerary:

Feel free to meet up at any point along the route if you are not interested in or able to walk the whole march. A shuttle will be available partway through the route to transport people to the Community Day BBQ at Mellon Park.

1. 10:00 Meet at Point Park Fountain (Blvd of the Allies and Wood Street)

2. 10:20 Arrive at Astorino (227 Fort Pitt Blvd.)

- Walk to Wood St. and turn left
- Walk down Wood St. until you arrive at Fifth Avenue.
- Turn right on Fifth

3. 10:40 Arrive at Governor’s Office (301 Fifth Ave.)

- Walk down Fifth Ave.

4. 10:45 Arrive at Allegheny County Assistance Building (350 Fifth Ave.)

- Walk down Fifth Ave. until you arrive at Grant St.
- Turn right on Grant St.

5. 10:55 Arrive at Allegheny County Courthouse (Fifth Ave. and Grant St.)

- Continue up Grant St. until Sixth St.
- Turn right onto Sixth Street and follow until Centre Ave.
- Turn right onto Centre Ave.

6. 11:25 Arrive at Freedom Corner (Centre Ave. and Crawford St.)

- Shuttle to Community Day BBQ
- Continue down Centre Ave. thanking allies along the way
7. 11:50  Arrive at Jake Wheatley’s Office (2015 Centre Ave.)

- Continue down Centre Ave. for 4 miles (1 hour 20 minutes)

8. 1:10 Arrive at Community Day! At Mellon Park across from Bakery Square in Shadyside/East Liberty/Point Breeze

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Community Day BBQ and Sister March for A People's Budget

On Sunday, May 26, 2013 join us for a March for a People's Budget, Not a Prison Budget to be followed by a Community Day and BBQ!

Year after year, Governor Corbett cuts funds from education, healthcare, environmental protection, and social services. Yet he continues to spend millions on locking people up.

This is why we will march in Pittsburgh to demand a People's Budget, Not a Prison Budget, echoing the message from across the state where on May 25th the March for A People's Budget will begin in Philadelphia, to land in Harrisburg on June 3rd to demand that legislators invest in communities, not prisons.

10:00 am - 1:00 pm - Sister March begins - A 6-mile march across Pittsburgh, making stops at offices of PA legislators to demand that the new budget reflects the people's interest for re-investment in our communities and an end to prison expansion! The march will also make stops at the offices of companies invested in increasing criminalization of our communities. March will end at the Community Day BBQ -- join for the whole march, or join at any point along the route! Contact us, or see website for more details!

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm - Community Day BBQ - Join us at Mellon Park in East Liberty across from Bakery Square where we will join together to celebrate and give voice to the things that we want in our communities, the things that make us safe, healthy, and secure, unlike mass incarceration. Food, Speakers, Activities for kids! Families encouraged to come!

CONTACT: - 412-945-0664
                     twitter: @hrcfedup