Sunday, May 19, 2013

Route for Pittsburgh March for A People's Budget!

On Sunday, May 26, come join for all or part of Pittsburgh's March For a People's Budget, a 6 mile march across Pittsburgh to build momentum around passing a state budget prioritizing services and programs to increase the security, safety, and health of the people of our state - rather than spending millions on locking people up. Don't forget: the march will be followed by the Community Day BBQ, featuring free food, speakers, kids activities, and more opportunities to build community and oppose prison expansion in Pennsylvania.

March Itinerary:

Feel free to meet up at any point along the route if you are not interested in or able to walk the whole march. A shuttle will be available partway through the route to transport people to the Community Day BBQ at Mellon Park.

1. 10:00 Meet at Point Park Fountain (Blvd of the Allies and Wood Street)

2. 10:20 Arrive at Astorino (227 Fort Pitt Blvd.)

- Walk to Wood St. and turn left
- Walk down Wood St. until you arrive at Fifth Avenue.
- Turn right on Fifth

3. 10:40 Arrive at Governor’s Office (301 Fifth Ave.)

- Walk down Fifth Ave.

4. 10:45 Arrive at Allegheny County Assistance Building (350 Fifth Ave.)

- Walk down Fifth Ave. until you arrive at Grant St.
- Turn right on Grant St.

5. 10:55 Arrive at Allegheny County Courthouse (Fifth Ave. and Grant St.)

- Continue up Grant St. until Sixth St.
- Turn right onto Sixth Street and follow until Centre Ave.
- Turn right onto Centre Ave.

6. 11:25 Arrive at Freedom Corner (Centre Ave. and Crawford St.)

- Shuttle to Community Day BBQ
- Continue down Centre Ave. thanking allies along the way
7. 11:50  Arrive at Jake Wheatley’s Office (2015 Centre Ave.)

- Continue down Centre Ave. for 4 miles (1 hour 20 minutes)

8. 1:10 Arrive at Community Day! At Mellon Park across from Bakery Square in Shadyside/East Liberty/Point Breeze

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